Interiors with Provenance is excited to be part of the Kenneth Roberts Designer Show House
Tickets available through Saturday, July 14, 2012 • Open daily 10:30 am - 4:00 pm

This is the first time the house has ever been open to the general public.
The former Kenneth Roberts Estate is located at Rocky Pastures in Kennebunkport.

Tickets $20 per person: available at the door or through the Historical Society, the Kennebunk/Kennebunkport Chamber of Commerce and the Nonantum Resort,
or click here to order tickets online.

Transforming Rooms

Melissa McDougald and I have been awarded an upstairs room located between the master bedroom and a child’s bedroom. We transformed the room into a woman’s study.  We were also asked to take on two hallways upstairs. One hallway evolved into a sunny beautiful sitting and reading area. The long hallway at the landing spoke to us as an art gallery hung with Brad Maushart's life drawings which are his newly inspired medium. Professionally Brad trained at Vesper Geoge School of Art and New England School of Photography, Brad exhibits contemporary photography and art in his gallery, f-8 Fine Art located in Dock Square, Kennebunkport. Modern art, an 18thc French tapestry and a high style 1940s metal table create a stimulating hallway providing connection to all the upstairs' rooms. The rugs are 19thc tribal and provide a foil for the exciting artwork.

Design Vision

In today’s technologically based world where one is always “plugged-in” to cell phones, lap tops, televisions and other electronic gadgets, the need for an environment that can counter balance this is ever more important. Not to remove it, but to provide balance to it. People are both more tied to work as they stay connected to email and cell phones 24/7 from anywhere, and yet, counterbalanced to that, they are also free to choose the environment from which they work.

The design of this room provides just such a melding. The handmade antique textiles upon which the room and hall design are based underline the easy access to goods, design and taste from around the world which, today, modern travel and technology affords. The antique and historic goods counterpoint the high tech world to offer a place to reinvigorate the soul. This is a design that simultaneously melds the tranquility of the natural landscape and historic and traditional textiles, with the momentum of a technologically driven, global world.

The room is not a study, but rather a place to complete projects from the sidelines in a soothing and beautiful environment. The room is a peaceful oasis with large windows overlooking treetops. The vibrant colors of red, peach and pink, along with the exuberant antique tribal textiles, and stark black and white photographs, speak to a technologically connected world, and yet they come together to create a soothing respite.

A Collaboration of Talent

We have worked together some extraordinary and talented people. Melissa McDougald, Interiors with Provenance’s new partner, designed, upholstered and sewed several pieces of the furniture you will see in the spaces. Melissa studied museum furniture and upholstery at the London Guild Hall.  Returning home, she was offered a position at Winterthur Museum, awarded a Mellon fellowship at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and worked for Robert Mussey and Associates in Boston. Derek Preble, a well-known and respected cabinet maker built the study bench for Melissa from her design. The fabulous hand sewn cushion sits atop the bench is her handiwork. Rich Thompson’s work is the upholstery done on the 2 tapestry chairs in the sitting hallway. Rich has been in the business for over 20 years and has upholstered for us for over 12 years. Many thanks go to Jerry and Larry of Pillars Decorative Antiques in South Freeport, Maine, to Frank Grnck on Route 9 in Kennebunk, and to Robert Dale, owner of Brass and Friends from Hallowell Maine. Antique textiles, antique rugs and some of the furniture are from Ken March, co-owner of Interiors with Provenance. Jake Gott, owner of Timber Island Builders offered technical advice and help and John Dickinson from Winter Hill helped in the restoration of several pieces of furniture.  Maine Architectural Iron Works fabricated the desk in the study and Toms Glass supplied the desk top. All are great people to work with. The desk lamp in the study is on loan from Fleurant in Lower Village, Kennebunk. Big thanks to Brad Maushart - for supplying the incredibly beautiful artwork and for giving so much time to framing the pieces in old frames (Days Gone By and Interiors with Provenance) and mounting the exhibition.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Susan Edwards of the Kennebunkport Historical Society for spearheading the project and allowing us to be a part of it. Her steady calm and patience with all our questions was appreciated. We love the many new friends we have made in creating this endeavor and hope the love and goodwill we feel to all the other wonderful designers involved in this project
as well as to Lana Wescott, Jennie and the very dedicated volunteers from the historical society shines through.

Many, many thanks -

Deborah and Melissa

Interiors with Provenance

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